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After completing my studies in International Economics at the University of Paderborn, which included study visits at ESC Reims Management School and the Université du Maine in France, I have decided on a professional career in management consulting.


An environment that offers a variety of challenges and close cooperation with a dedicated team sharing a common goal has been and continues to be main source of my motivation.


Professional Experience

In my first three years working in a large international consulting company, I had the opportunity to gain experience by working in very diverse fields and industries. Getting acquainted with the new cultural and content aspects of the job served to spark my interest early on. In addition, I was employed for one year in the Southeast Asia representative office in Bangkok where I had the opportunity to work on consulting projects in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.


My Start with SCOPEIN

Following this period, I wanted a career change to become acquainted with new industries and to gain experience with a different consulting philosophy. From the initial interviews with management and other employees, I was convinced early of all aspects of SCOPEIN as an excellent customer-oriented consulting company. Flat hierarchies, short decision paths, direct feedback and early acceptance of responsibility set us apart. Employees at SCOPEIN can really feel their contributions to the success of the company.


We depend on our cohesion, our powerful and diverse personalities and the common perception that having fun at work, high levels motivation and "common goals" are the recipe to our success. Working in teams with such enthusiastic and open-minded colleagues is incredibly enriching on a personal level.


Current Tasks

SCOPEIN offers a truly exciting work environment where employees constantly take on challenging new tasks at their own responsibility. I am currently working at a leading chemical company where both colleagues and customers are developing new strategic positioning of purchasing with product and vendor strategies in efforts to achieve increased value proposition of the purchasing function. This is an effort for the company to reach its overall objective in the area of globalization and increased business complexity.


In conclusion, due to the exciting projects and great teamwork with customers, SCOPEIN offers a stimulating environment where my learning curve is steadily increasing. This represents an important career step that makes optimal use of my previous experience and where I am broadening myself both professionally and personally!



Senior Consultant

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