Your Starting Level

Depending on your previous experience, we offer you different opportunities to join.


  • With a Bachelor’s, diplom or comparable degree
  • With a Master’s / PhD
  • As an expert

With a Bachelor’s, Diplom or Comparable Degree:

With a Bachelor’s or comparable degree, you will start with us as an Analyst and learn the consulting trade from scratch. After a short training period, we offer you the opportunity to prove yourself with our customers in your first project situation.


To facilitate your entry into the company, we assign you a Senior Consultant or Project Manager as a mentor from the very beginning, who guides you in all technical matters.


In particular, your responsibilities as an analyst include the research-based analysis and investigation of relevant topics and the instructed elaboration of the results. We put much value on enabling you to concentrate on learning in this phase of your career, because it is the basis for a successful track in consulting.

With a Master’s / Doctorate:

For graduates with a Master’s or doctorate degree, we offer the opportunity of joining us as a Consultant.


You already proved your accomplishments during your post-graduate education and gathered experience there. After your start with us, you will be intensively guided by one of our experienced Project Managers as a mentor, who will introduce you to the intricacies of the consulting business. You will also get to know our methods and tools through our training program.


Your responsibilities extend to the classic project work, where we expect a high degree of independence from you in the handling of the assigned tasks. Of course, your mentor is always available to answer any technical questions.

As an Expert:

If you have already accumulated significant professional or consulting experience, we offer you the opportunity of joining as a Consultant (at least 1 year of experience) or Senior Consultant (at least 3 years of experience).


As a Consultant / Senior Consultant, you will handle the assigned task packets independently and as a Senior Consultant, also take on responsibilities as a Sub-Project Manager. For support, you will have one of our Principals assigned to you as a mentor.



Senior Consultant

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