Commodities, Energy and Utilities

Liberalization of the Energy Market


A liberalization and harmonization of the energy markets in Europe was initiated over the last years through the standards of the European Union. Since then, the national energy and supply markets have been subject to severe structural changes.


The regional concentration of numerous market participants was broken up by transregional and international competitors. At the same time, a market consolidation was begun through international competition.


Just in the period from 2003 to 2007, there was a sixfold increase of the M&A volume with an unchanging number of transactions. This consolidation, in addition to leading to increasing internationalization, is also driving towards a convergence of the different European energy markets.

Competent Support


SCOPEIN Management Consultants helps guide internationally operating energy companies in the implementation of structural changes. In the process regarding organizational design, it is particularly essential to reconcile the legal (anti-trust) regulations with the organizational efficiency. Powerful companies that are equipped for the coming challenges in the energy market thereby emerge.

Commodities – Scarce Resources


If nothing else from the high resource demand of the developing countries, with China and the other BRIC nations leading the way, the status of raw materials as scarce goods is fast approaching, so it is essential to obtain them in sufficient quantities at appropriate prices.


Due to acquisitions of suppliers, there has been a recent increase in the tendency of producing companies, especially those from the rising regions of the world, to secure their commodities supply for the long term. This development was further accelerated by the break of the commodity markets in 2009 and the weak financing of the producers that accompanied it.

What We Offer


We support our industry customers in the investigation of your commodity market dynamics and the derivation of custom-fit strategies. We also support our customers that act as providers or suppliers to the commodity markets in the development of appropriate strategies for the future.


Furthermore, SCOPEIN supports its customers in the analysis and realization of growth prospects. In addition to the assessment of national and international investment projects, we also help in the search for interested partners and acquisition goals at home and abroad.


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Commodities, Energy & Utilities

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