Machinery and Plant Manufacturing

Through globalization, machine building and plant manufacturing are subject to an intense competitive pressure that drives it into cost-effective production of its high-quality products, rapid innovation cycles and short development and processing times.


Based on the company strategy, SCOPEIN Management Consultants analyzes the technological situation, the existing infrastructure, the products and the business markets of the client and deduces optimization measures from these on varying time scales.


Against the background of the strong export dependence in the machine building and plant manufacturing sectors, SCOPEIN is especially supportive in the search for and selection of foreign cooperation partners and acquisition goals for production and sales. Upon request, we also support and advise on company mergers and their integration. We can draw on a broadly built project expertise on this matter, particularly for the fast-growing nations of Russia, China and India.


For machine builders and plant construction firms that develop and produce based on customer orders, a knowledge management system is a strategic answer to the market speculations on the price, quality, delivery time and innovation drivers. Through our experience in conceptual design and implementation support, long-lasting synergy potential can be demonstrated and realized for the company.


Our consultation services along the value added chain are based on a broad, tested and approved method portfolio and are focused on the decrease of costs e.g. through process optimization/standardization in product development, purchasing, production and logistics, and on the opening of new markets for after-sales activities. Here, opportunities present themselves for the machine builders and plant construction firms, which are typically product-oriented, to offer high-quality services to the market as a system supplier and to differentiate themselves from the competition.



Commodities, Energy & Utilities

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