Change Management

Understanding Challenges

Companies need to adapt to continuously changing market conditions and further develop in order to be successful in the market in the long term.

These changes, however, are not carried out by process optimization, changing of organizational structure or assignment of new roles, but by the employees that promote the corporate organization and the changes at hand.

Overcoming Resistance

SCOPEIN Management Consultants advises and supports throughout all phases of the management transformation, from the defining of the target state, through the awakening and strengthening of the transforming forces and integration of the resistance, to the stabilization of the new structures. SCOPEIN pays special attention to the reduction of employee uncertainty through targeted communication and interaction.

Profiting from Experience

SCOPEIN possesses experience in defining cultural visions and in guiding changes in culture and values, as well as in creating target-oriented incentive systems. Supported by the knowledge that a change of the company cannot take place without the employees, all our projects are flanked by Change Management measures.

Furthermore, in conjunction with the preparation for changes in SCOPEIN Management Review, we also offer the evaluation of the strategic and social competencies of the top management. In order to prevent wrong decisions in the acquisition of management personnel, SCOPEIN developed a management personnel screening tool that can impartially evaluate the potential new members based on fact.



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