Organizational Design

Trimming Organization to the Highest Efficiency

Organizing is the defining of the structural organization and configuring the corporate processes agreed upon. SCOPEIN Management Consultants helps its customers to establish and refine a productive organization.


At the end of SCOPEIN consulting projects, the resulting organizational structures make the most important process and value drivers transparent to the management. The management can then concentrate on its real work: developing visions, setting goals, steering employees and making decisions.

Tool-Supported Organizational Development

An integral component of the consultation work of SCOPEIN is a customer-specific tool that is left with the customer even after the conclusion of the project, in order to promote the organizational development in the long term.



Holistic Management Model

A holistic management model is able to focus on the strategic direction of impact and long-term success and the company's continuance as a going concern. More ...

Procurement Optimization

Nowadays, purchasing no longer solely serves the production process, but increasingly fulfils strategic tasks and has become a complex issue. More ...