Post-Merger Integration

Business press and share prices indicate: in many cases, planned synergies fail to materialize after a merger. SCOPEIN Management Consultants has successfully organized the management of synergies in various consultation projects.

The Results:

The anticipated synergies are realized, the corporate cultures united, and the top management oriented towards a common strategy and vision.

Success Factors of Post-Merger Projects are:

  • Early designation of the first and second management levels
  • Tight and strict schedules
  • Validation and controlling of the synergy goals
  • Intensive manager involvement of the customers as coordinators
  • Intelligent incentive models as process facilitators
  • Continual involvement of decision makers

It is essential that all of these success factors are incorporated in professional, internal and external communication. Neglectfulness with these often international integration projects can cause long-lasting damage to the entire company value.


Core elements of the SCOPEIN consultation services in the area of Post-Merger Integration, in addition to a Synergy Tracking Tool (STT), are numerous additional project tools for a professional management integration and a very much experienced Project Manager.



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