Shared Services

Knowing Options

Services such as human resource management, bookkeeping and accounting or information technology are necessary for the smooth functioning of a company. They are generally provided by different internal divisions, among which can be corporate management, central departments and business divisions, as well as by external service providers. Oftentimes, the understanding of service is poorly formed in the centralized or decentralized service areas and lacks cost transparency.


As alternatives to the classic central divisions and to small, decentralized service units are the competitive and transparent Shared Services. SCOPEIN Management Consultants supports companies in the development of Shared Services concepts and in their implementation.

Using Experience

The expertise of SCOPEIN in the preparation and realization of organizational solutions in the service area is based on diverse projects with renowned international companies and comprises both regional and transregional concepts.

The experience in the projects has shown that through implementation of Shared Services, the transparency of costs and rendered services is considerably enhanced. This is the groundwork for a permanent optimization of the service, also beyond the conclusion of the project and the implementation of the service units. The quality of the service is increased through the harmonized processes, which surveys before and after the reorganization support. The rule of thumb is that in addition to the qualitative improvements, a cost savings of 20-25% can be anticipated through implementation of Shared Services.


The conceptual design of Shared Services is essentially based on five principles:

  • Distinct understanding of service
  • Transparent cost allocation according to service, not expense
  • Services are offered at normal market conditions
  • No double responsibilities for the same service in the company
  • Comprehensible and transparent invoicing of services



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