Vision and Strategy Development

Changing Strategies

Strategy defining and refinement is a permanent process that builds the basis for a particular company‘s success. Without strategy, no company guidelines can be established, no organization can be developed and no investment decisions can be made.


Especially in today’s international, rapidly changing competitive environment, strategies last shorter and shorter amounts of time and have to be repeatedly tested and reevaluated.

Concentration on New Challenges

SCOPEIN Management Consultants has developed a method that quickly, but thoroughly helps the customer to analyze and reassess his initial strategic situation.


Together with the customer, the initial internal and external situations are surveyed, along with future developments, and the proper competitive strategy is deduced.

The aspiration of SCOPEIN is that our customers be among the leading companies in their branch of trade and achieve steady, long-lasting competitive advantages.



Holistic Management Model

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Procurement Optimization

Nowadays, purchasing no longer solely serves the production process, but increasingly fulfils strategic tasks and has become a complex issue. More ...