Consulting is in our passion, our DNA is characterized by our  mission statement, the guiding principles, our industrial focus areas, our client relationships and our team.

Mission statement

To recognize things and see them from new perspectives is the consulting approach of SCOPEIN Project Management Consultancy, an internationally active, renowned  top management consultancy. Frequently, a different point of view is needed in order to bring transparency into complex situations,  understanding structures and resolve problems.

skopein [Greek] 

see, look, observe, recognize

scope [English] 

parameter, sphere, range

SCOPEIN creates transparency

Companies are in steady motion. Their employees supply ideas and perspectives. Order and chaos replace one another. SCOPEIN illuminates these structures and reorders them respectively.

Essential conditions for creativity and diversity are maintained and developed while external presentation towards the client is distinctively contoured.

SCOPEIN implements

We do not end in the concept phase. Unlike our competitors, we work hand in hand with our client in highly efficient teams on the implementation of designed solutions and strategies.

The fact is that consultants have never been sustainably changing any company on their own without the client company’s acceptance.

Guiding principles

The guiding principles of SCOPEIN Management Consultanting & Project Management consequently orient themselves around our clients’ needs. Only satisfied clients guarantee our success.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to the following twelve maxims:

  • Top quality in consulting
  • Extensive and measurable benefits for our customers
  • Implementation from the very beginning
  • Small and effective teams
  • Expansive industry know how
  • Intensive cooperation with our clients’ key employees
  • Consistent management of measures and project follow-up topics
  • Intelligent internal and external communication
  • Use of effective methods and tools
  • Continuous benchmarking with the leading competitors during the project
  • Assertion and absolute will to succeed
  • If desired, variable and success aligned remuneration